Quick Parchment Greetings Cards by Janet Wilson

This is not a traditional parchment craft book although some of the techniques and equipment used are the same. Janet Wilson explains in the introduction that all the cards are made using Fiskars ‘Mini Shapeboss’. This is a stencilling system which she uses to show how to emboss and perforate within.

Unfortunately if you haven’t got the Mini Shapeboss you would have to buy it to proceed with the projects in this book. The Mini Shapeboss although good in itself is not used in parchment craft but would be useful in stencilling projects.

Christine Coleman’s DVD An Introduction to Parchmentcraft

This is a great introduction to get you started! Even for someone with some experience it is a good revision. I think it is very good value as you are getting four designs for cards as well as step by step instruction on how to complete them, including how to sew the inserts and make the envelope.

Christine starts with very basic techniques such as how to attach the parchment to the pattern and how to trace with a mapping pen. She covers basic embossing with ball tools and colouring the parchment with oil pastels.

In later cards she builds on what you have learned and adds new techniqes such as embossing letters and stippling, edging with a scallop tool and colouring with pencils.

The last card is quite complex and introduces a small amount of perforation and shows how to cut with snips and parchment scissors. Embossing is extended in this card, she shows how to use a shader to emboss flowers and leaves to show light and shade.

http://cccollection.co.uk £14.95

White Pencils

White pencils are used to trace pictures and designs on to parchment. It is important that the the point is very sharp so that the line is fine for detailed work. A lot of people prefer mechanical pencils and you can buy white leads for this purpose from various web sites selling parchment equipment. I have found that the only mechanical pencil that is offered on parchment sites is SumoGrip, I found that the lead was really difficult to replace and there were no instructions however the grip is quite comfortable.
When I was looking for an alternative mechanical pencil I came across
After checking the reviews and finding out a lot more about mechanical pencils! I settled for a Pentel Sharp Kerry it is quite expensive but easy to load and it has a pen top for travelling. About £12.00 from Amazon.
White pencils by Pergamano are about £1.35
SumoGrip pencils are £6.89
White leads are £3.95 (why so expensive?)

A Beginners Book

Parchment Craft by Janet Wilson

As a beginner I worked through this book and found it a good starting point. The projects are graded and bring in new techniques throughout the book. If you work from the front to the back each project builds on the last and takes you further. The tools you need are explained and how to use them, colouring parchment with oil pastels and embossing, perforating and cutting techniques are explained clearly.