Christine Coleman’s DVD An Introduction to Parchmentcraft

This is a great introduction to get you started! Even for someone with some experience it is a good revision. I think it is very good value as you are getting four designs for cards as well as step by step instruction on how to complete them, including how to sew the inserts and make the envelope.

Christine starts with very basic techniques such as how to attach the parchment to the pattern and how to trace with a mapping pen. She covers basic embossing with ball tools and colouring the parchment with oil pastels.

In later cards she builds on what you have learned and adds new techniqes such as embossing letters and stippling, edging with a scallop tool and colouring with pencils.

The last card is quite complex and introduces a small amount of perforation and shows how to cut with snips and parchment scissors. Embossing is extended in this card, she shows how to use a shader to emboss flowers and leaves to show light and shade. £14.95