Guide to Alternative Tools

As a beginner I have found that I have bought equipment required for a particular project only to find when I received the tools I already have a similar item by a different manufacturer. This is a guide to the tools that I have found to be similar but named differently.

PCA Pergamano
Sun tool = Star tool
Stamp edge = Split tool
Micro ball = Fine stylus
Micro shader = Shader 0.8mm
Mini shader = Shader 1.0mm
Fine scallop edge = Semi circle

Perforating grids

There are quite a few grids available and I do not claim to be an expert. This is a beginners guide to grids, feel free to comment or correct me if I have got any information wrong.

There are three main manufacturers of grids : PCA, Pergamano and Siesta.

Traditional grids are mesh in a plastic frame, they come in regular and fine grade with a special perforating mat which fits in the frame. The grid enables you to produce accurate perforations. These are made by Pergamano and Siesta.

Steel flexi-duo grids seem to have advantages over the older mesh grids. You can emboss dots for example and the the holes are easy to see and line up. I prefer the A4 size and I love the way the perforations fix the parchment in place whilst you are working.

Pergamano also make steel grids, straight and diagonal, however they are not interchangeable with PCA grids. For example if a design specifies using a Pergamano diagonal grid a PCA diagonal grid will not work in the same way.

Siesta have a wide range of grids for specific borders and patterns and motifs.

Parchment Craft by Carla Larter

This is an excellent book for a beginner, the instructions are very detailed and there are many step by step illustrations. The equipment required is described in a way that does not promote a particular manufacturer, however this can make it more difficult when you are searching for an item without a product number. She covers all aspects of parchmentcraft, detailed instructions on how to emboss, cutting crosses etc. Many painting and colouring techniques are covered making this a good reference book to keep on the shelf. I think that this is definitely a beginners book though, a parcher with some experience would find the instructions too detailed.

Parchment Tools

This is a beginners guide to parchment craft tools, there are vast array of tools and it is not necessary to buy them until you need them. The association of parchment craft has some advice on the basic equipment you need.
The tools separate into roughly three areas: embossing, perforating and edging.


Embossing tools whiten the parchment. They are usually either a ball shape or a shader which has a loop shaped like a spoon. They come in various sizes from a large size (mega ball or mega shader ) to a small size (micro ball or micro shader) embossing tools are also used for stencilling. A scriber has a sharpish point and is used for lines and stippling. Sun tools emboss a circle shape like a small flower.


Perforating tools pierce the parchment in various patterns. PCA make two types: fine tools and bold tools. A single needle tool, however, will create all the patterns but it may take more time.


Edging tools pierce the parchment in a scallop pattern or v pattern. The stamp edge creates a perforation that will tear easily. A neater finish can be obtained by using parchment scissors.