Make your own envelopes

Envelopes should be the right size for the card, I have found that pearlescent paper is strong enough for an envelope.

My method for making nice looking envelopes to fit any size card.

You will need:
12″ x 12″ paper
Power pritt stick glue
Double sided tape

Equipment required:
Paper cutter
Envelope score board

1. Measure the diagonal of the card (I'm using metric)
2. Add 2.5cm to the diagonal measurement
3. Use this total to measure and cut a square of envelope paper using the paper cutter.
4. Centre the card on the square of paper like a rectangle over a diamond (the corners of the paper should be above the sides of the card), and score the sides of the envelope 1cm larger than the card, making sure that the score lines cross over at the corners
5. Cut out the upper triangles where the score lines cross
6. Round the envelope flap with a punch and emboss if you want. Glue the envelope together and use double sided tape on the flap

I have tried different methods but this one has worked out the best, I have adapted it from the instructions in the enveloper made by Crafters Companion, a brilliant product!

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Embossing with a Star Tool / Sun Tool

How to use a star tool (Pergamano) or sun tool (PCA)

Press the tool gently onto the parchment and move your hand in a circle. This works best for me in an anti-clockwise circle, but I am right handed. If I use a clockwise circle I get an ellipse!

A thinner harder mat is better for embossing.

Pergamano – The True Passion! DVD Review

An introduction from Martha Ospina, who introduced Parchmentcraft to Europe.
The DVD is purely instructional, unlike other DVDs I have bought, this one does not have a pattern to work from. You watch the demonstrations of all the techniques and then apply these to your own work.

If you are a total beginner this will be a very useful purchase if you are unsure how to start, it covers all the the basics for example how to :-

Trace using a mapping pen
Embossing techniques and effects
Perforating, using the mesh type grid
Cutting, how to hold the scissors and cut crosses
Dabbing using templates and without
Painting using paints, crayons, ink and pens

It also introduces the International Parchment Craft Academy and informs about the Pergamano company.

A thorough introduction to parchmentcraft giving instruction, demonstration and tips, and a history of Pergamano, but don’t expect any patterns to work on.