Pergamano – The True Passion! DVD Review

An introduction from Martha Ospina, who introduced Parchmentcraft to Europe.
The DVD is purely instructional, unlike other DVDs I have bought, this one does not have a pattern to work from. You watch the demonstrations of all the techniques and then apply these to your own work.

If you are a total beginner this will be a very useful purchase if you are unsure how to start, it covers all the the basics for example how to :-

Trace using a mapping pen
Embossing techniques and effects
Perforating, using the mesh type grid
Cutting, how to hold the scissors and cut crosses
Dabbing using templates and without
Painting using paints, crayons, ink and pens

It also introduces the International Parchment Craft Academy and informs about the Pergamano company.

A thorough introduction to parchmentcraft giving instruction, demonstration and tips, and a history of Pergamano, but don’t expect any patterns to work on.