Beginners to Parchment Craft – Book Reviews -1

Parchment Craft Volume 1 The Techniques Step by Step from Pergamano

This book concentrates on three techniques essential to those starting parchment craft. These are Tracing, embossing and stippling, very detailed instructions are given with loads of step by step photos to help you start the craft. There is a bit about the history of parchment craft and a list of materials needed, most impressively there is a very clear explanation and full size photo of all the embossing tools and a description of what they are used for, though this may be slightly out of date as the tool handles have changed and there may be extra embossing tools available now. Nevertheless it is good for basic information. Lots of tips, and I was interested to see that a metal engineers ruler is used in this book, as I prefer this rather than the plastic one.