Parchment Craft – A New Dimension by Pierrick Gaffard – A Review

3D paper craft construction is very popular and this book has lots of dimensional projects such as, vases, clocks, flowers, a watch, fans and a  model of the Eiffel Tower.  The construction ideas are very clever, they are challenging to make but there are patterns for crafters with varying levels of experience.  
I love the way the patterns are laid out, with essential materials needed for each project in blue at the bottom of the page. Big, beautifully clear pictures and easy to follow instructions.  
This book is inspiring, it would make a great Christmas present for a parchment enthusiast. It is not for the absolute beginner as there are techniques used within the patterns that would require a little experience.

Using the iPad for Parchment Craft

I have come across two apps for iPad or iPhone that help me draw birds and flowers from my own photographs. The first one, called ‘CopyIt’, provides a grid overlay on a photo of your choice using the traditional grid drawing method to break down the picture into smaller areas of work and helps you to reduce, enlarge or just copy accurately. Choose the photo from your iPad and then choose the colour and size of your grid overlay, and then you draw onto a grid you have prepared in your sketch book using the reference gridlines.

The other app is called ‘Tracing Paper’, on this app using a photograph you want to copy, you actually trace the photo on the iPad with your finger. The drawing can then be printed or emailed to yourself for printing. This method is very quick but not as accurate as the other app. Please comment if you have come across any other useful software?

Parchment Craft – The Techniques Volume 3

I am really impressed with this set of early books which I think are useful both for starters in parchment craft and those who are a little experienced but need some reference to the techniques they learned a while ago.

This book concentrates on colouring parchment, using Dorso pastels and Perga Colour felt pens. All the techniques of applying pastels and felt pens to parchment are described in detail with step by step photos and plenty of tips along the way. There are also several patterns to work through.

What are Dip Dots?

If you come across a pattern that asks for ‘dip dots’ these are round, rather neat embossed, dots of paint or ink. Using a ball tool, dip into the paint or ink and in an upright position dot the ball tool onto the parchment. The dots can be embossed from the back, when the paint is dry.

This is a card I made using a dip dots circle around the pansies, it is designed by Christine Coleman.

Cutting Techniques

Once you have practised cutting crosses from the perforations made by the four needle tool and become quite good at it, the next challenge is cutting out the perforations of the other multi-needle tools like the Oct, eight needle tool. The difficulty is that with many multi-needle tools some of the needles are further apart than others, so that when you are cutting out you get a raggedy result. To get a neat result with the Oct tool -cut between the larger distance needles first.

Parchment Craft – The Techniques Volume 2

This is the second volume in the starter series by Pergamano. It concentrates on two techniques: perforating and cutting. There are step by step illustrated instructions and a lot of tips to help get a perfect result. There is an overview of all the multi needle perforating tools and the patterns they make. The second half of the book concentrates on the techniques involved in cutting, which a lot of people find difficult to start with. Instructions for use of 2 split and 4 split tools are also included. A very detailed, easy to follow book with some great tips and step by step instruction through practise exercises and several projects to make.