Using the iPad for Parchment Craft

I have come across two apps for iPad or iPhone that help me draw birds and flowers from my own photographs. The first one, called ‘CopyIt’, provides a grid overlay on a photo of your choice using the traditional grid drawing method to break down the picture into smaller areas of work and helps you to reduce, enlarge or just copy accurately. Choose the photo from your iPad and then choose the colour and size of your grid overlay, and then you draw onto a grid you have prepared in your sketch book using the reference gridlines.

The other app is called ‘Tracing Paper’, on this app using a photograph you want to copy, you actually trace the photo on the iPad with your finger. The drawing can then be printed or emailed to yourself for printing. This method is very quick but not as accurate as the other app. Please comment if you have come across any other useful software?

One thought on “Using the iPad for Parchment Craft

  1. Hi Mollie,

    I am the developer of CopyIt and I just wanted to pop by and let you know that the latest version (v3.2) has many new features. For details on all the features and buttons, there is a PDF reference guide on the support website and if you have an iPad, the guide is also available on the iBookstore.

    Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy using CopyIt!

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