Stippling – A Parchment Craft Technique

(this design is from the book: Pergamano Parchment Craft by Martha Ospina)

Stippling is an embossed, textured finish, in the above project, a parchment photo frame, I have stippled between the embossed edge of the frame and the embossed large scallop, also the curls / flourishes are stippled.

On the project above I think the stippled areas could be a little whiter, so I will do some more work on them and take a picture of the result. Stippling is a really interesting effect and takes a bit of time to achieve, the idea is to tap the single needle tool on to parchment to create an embossed effect, a tiny white dot – not piercing the parchment. The single needle tool is usually used for perforating, but for stippling it is used with a hard card mat underneath the parchment.

Stippling instructions:

Some instructions tell you to prepare the parchment by lightly embossing the area to be stippled first, I didn’t do this so this could be why my stippling did not turn out as white as I wanted.

1. Outline area to be stippled with a stylus or micro ball

2. Lightly emboss area if you wish

3. Change the embossing mat to a piece of dark card and on the back of the parchment start tapping the single needle tool in the area you want stippled. You should be holding the tool vertically to get a good result.

4. The stippling should be very close together to produce a texture.

Other variations to try:

Using fine sandpaper between the card and the parchment, I did try this method but it didn’t suit me as I kept piercing the parchment.

Using white pencil to colour the back of the parchment to get a whiter result, I have not tried this yet.

Has anyone tried stippling with a scriber or fine stylus?


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