Grid and Lace Work

When I first started perforating parchment I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t understand where to put the parchment! under or over the grid and where did the mat go? It was a while before I found that a good instruction DVD, a great ‘daylight’ craft light and a magnifying glass made everything a lot easier!

Christine Coleman’s Grid and Lace Work DVD is a great starter guide to using PCA Flexi-Duo Grids and PCA tools to create beautiful patterns with both perforating and embossing. Christine shows you how to cut crosses and oct shapes and line up your parchment when perforating and embossing, while working throught several projects starting with bookmarks and then moving on to more complex projects.

She shows you how and where to start a project, how to correct mistakes and also encourages you to use your own ideas to create individual projects. Excellent DVD!