The Art of Painting by Gerti Hofman, A Book Review

In the Art of Painting Gerti Hofman has provided step by step instructions for painting with Pergamano Pintura paint, Pinta Perla, Tinta ink, felt pens and coloured pencils. This is a large book (80 pages) with instructions for 21 beautiful card designs.

Although the main focus of the book is painting there are some essential instructions for lace making but if you need to know more about lace making technique other books have more detail.

Each pattern focuses on a different painting technique: Dresden flowers techniques, Perga Liners dry and wet techniques, Brazilian technique and tip, tip, tip are some of them; so if you want to practise a particular technique it is easy to choose a pattern that will challenge you.

As well as being a useful addition to a Parchment Craft collection this is an essential guide and reference for painting there are many useful tips and information on how to correct problems in painting.