Parchment Craft Tools Are You Confused?

This picture shows PCA twin needle tool(on the right) and a mini stamp edge tool (on the left). Both tools can be used for edgings however when using the twin needle tool you would also require parchment scissors to snip the holes into a neat picot edge. The mini stamp edge tool cuts as it perforates and, although it is a lot quicker, the result isn’t so neat. PCA mark their edging tools with coloured rings at the tool end so it is easy to tell them apart. PCA make these tools in two sizes Bold and Fine.

Pergamano make a 2Needle tool (similar to the twin needle) and a 2Split tool (similar to the mini stamp edge). To identify them look on the end of the handle the 2Needle shows two dots set apart, whereas the 2Split shows two dots joined.

The 4Needle version of these tools are called a Quad-Row and a Stamp Edge by PCA. The Pergamano alternatives are called ‘Straight Four’ and the edging tool is a 4Split.

If you have the older blue handled Pergamano tools and are not sure whether you have a Straight Four or 4Split, you should be able to tell just by perforating a scrap of parchment if the holes are so close together that they cut the parchment you have a 4Split tool.

Free Parchment Craft Pattern ‘Flowers and Lace’

Here is the new free pattern. I recently broke my arm so I probably haven’t finished the card as elaborately as I would have liked. If you download any of my patterns please feel free to change any parts you wish or make improvements, and send them to me and I will put them in a gallery. Click here for free pattern and instructions.