A Guide to PCA FlexiDuo Grids

PCA grids are all A4 size and made of a flexible steel. I really like them because once you start perforating the parchment is fixed to the grid and won’t move.

They come in BOLD and FINE size or gauge  and they each have their own set of tools  Red banded tools are Bold and Blue banded tools are Fine.

The Fine gauge is small, takes longer to use, more tricky to cut out, but makes delicate, fabulous lace. Bold is bigger, chunkier, easier to cut and it just depends what you are doing because sometimes you want a bigger, bolder look to lace.
OK, so then there are straight grids and diagonal grids, with PCA diagonal grids the holes are at 90 degrees. Essentially they are the same as the straight grids but turned diagonally. If you look at a diagonal grid and tilt your head to the left you will see that it looks the same as the straight grid!
You can buy all of these grids separately but also in double packs, the double packs come with a free mat.  The Bold double pack includes a straight and diagonal grid and the  Fine double pack also includes a straight and diagonal grid.
Recently, PCA brought out a new grid called the Honeycomb.  The Honeycomb is a lovely grid, the holes are at 60 degrees and this make it easy to produce patterns such as hexagons and octogons etc. The double pack of Honeycomb grids includes a Bold and a Fine grid. The Honeycomb grids also have a range of specially designed tools to go with them.

PCA also have a Circle and Oval grid in Bold and Fine Gauges.  All the grids can be used for perforating and they are brilliant for embossing dots if you turn the parchment over.