A Guide to Pergamano Grids

Pergamano grids are mostly A5 size although there are  exceptions. Some of the Multi Grids are themed for special events such as Christmas or Baby, Gift Tags, Butterflies, Borders etc. there are 33 Multi Grids at the moment but new ones are introduced frequently. They can be used for perforating and embossing and are useful for creating borders and central motifs easily.
Pergamano recommend that the Stainless Steel ball tools are used on the Multi Grids so that tools will not be damaged when used on the grid. Stainless steel ball tools come in an ‘action pack’ or individually, there are two, fine stylus 10032 and extra small ball 10072.
Pergamano have some plain, non-themed Multi Grids which are : 
No 04 which is an A5 straight grid  Fine
No 19 which is an A5 diagonal Bold
No 24 which is an A5 diagonal Fine
No 28 which is an A4 size straight  Bold
(It is possible to get hold of A4 size diagonal Pergamano grids second hand)

There are also the Mesh Grids, these are the original grids which are used with the Triangle and Diamond tools which come in both Perforating and Embossing versions. The Arrow tool has also been designed to use with the Mesh Grids. The Mesh Grids also have a special perforating mat that fits exactly within the frame.