Parchment Craft, A Classic Collection Volume 2 Grid Work by Kannikar Sukseree

Best of the Best, Parchment Craft A Classic Collection Volume 2 Grid Work is a source book, a library of 264 designs and patterns for grid work and lace.

There aren’t many parchment craft books available which concentrate on borders and grid work. Kannikar Sukseree and nine other illustrators and designers have brought together a huge selection of grid work designs that you can mix and match to make a unique border of your own.

The patterns are clearly marked with the grid required.  To work with this book you will need : Straight and Diagonal Grids in both Bold and Fine gauge.

There are 124 pages of designs and patterns, the patterns are directly opposite the illustration so you don’t need to hunt around or keep flicking back between the pages. Just looking through the pages is an inspiration to create some new project of your own.

This is a fabulous book that you can keep and refer to for all you future projects and an essential purchase for every parchment crafter.

A Quick Note about Grids

Diagonal Grids are of two types: first where the holes are at 45 degree orientation, that is if you turn the grid diagonally – you have a straight grid. Second, where the holes are 60 degrees orientation.

The 45 degree orientation diagonal grid (PCA Diagonal, or Pergamano Multi Grid 04 and 28)
The 60 degree orientation diagonal grids (PCA Honeycomb, or Pergamano Multi Grid 19 and 24).

Lace Dreams by Miki Green – A Review

Lace Dreams is an outstanding book of Parchment Craft designs. This is Miki Green’s fourth book after, Parchment Dreams, Fantasy and Magic Lace.

In this book you will find beautiful patterns for cards, wall decorations,  a photo frame, bauble decoration and a gift bag amongst 21 original projects.

 This book is packed full of intricate, lovely lace designs and I love the use of colour. A great present for a parchment craft, 48 pages.