Sakura – Japanese Parchment Craft by Tatsue Shibata

Sakura is Tatsue Shibata’s third book, she has also written ‘The Language of Flowers’ and ‘Love and Roses’. There is also a brilliant YouTube video of her work.  My overall impression of this book is that it is definitely a book for parchment crafters who know the basic techiniques as there is no instruction.  It is not too difficult, however, if you have a bit of experience to use the excellent detailed photographs and pattern together with a list of tools required to make the various projects.
There are patterns for cards, 3D patterns for candle holder, basket, lampshades, box and much more, all themed on the beautiful Japanese Sakura flower.

I particularly like the the teapot ‘welcome’ card and below the cup and saucer card.

 This book of patterns enables you to show off all the techniques of parchment craft the designs are all distinctive and beautiful. The cost of the book is quite an increase from the usual parchment craft book prices but the Japanese books are always a bit more expensive.

I am definitely going to buy myself a copy of this book!