Four Seasons II Works of Naoko Yamanaka


Four Seasons II is the second book in a parchment craft series by Naoko Yamanaka. The designs in this book are themed around Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The  instructions are arranged in a simple 5 steps  for each design,  you are also directed to more detailed lessons and step by step photos, which are given for techniques and processes that are common to many of the projects. The text for the book is in both English and Japanese. It is easy to follow, but probably not a design book for a complete beginner.



There are many projects: 3D boxes, winter festive decorations and treasure chest. Fabulous wall decorations and card designs, a complete decorated alphabet that can be used to personalise pictures, cards, wall hangings and more.


A very flexible design book, I think the designs are unique and many of the pieces can be mixed and matched to create your own individual cards, boxes and wall hangings. There are 49 pages,   design and the gridwork patterns are in the back of the book .