Pergamano Pattern Books

There are many beautiful and inspiring books and patterns available for parchment craft at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. One of my favourite collections are from Pergamano M series Pattern Books. They are mini collections of themed designs, usually 6 items from some of the most talented Pergamano designers. Usually the pattern books have a theme, for example:  3D designs, wall hangings, lace work and then there are collections of animals, birds, fruit and flowers. Even themes such as hobbies, religious designs, weddings and christenings, oriental and asian. Also there are pattern books that teach a specialist technique, or using felt pens, inks etc.  I have made a quick list of my favourite, older pattern books, still available.


Pergamano Pattern Book M1 has six fabulous Japanese themed designs by Randi Hanson, each card is distinctive and beautiful. These cards are created mainly with painting and dorsing techniques.


Pergamano Pattern Book M55 is called ‘Natural Glory’ from designer Hiskia Wittenaar 6 lovely designs inspired by flowers and butterflies using whitework borders and whitework and painted central motifs.


Pergamano pattern M39 has a beautiful A3 Art Nouveau design wall decoration and four other lacework designs which are all themed as ‘home decorations’. They are all gorgeous designs that you could frame and put in your home.


Pergamano pattern M76 is called Golden Yellow Lacework by Siri-Anong which was inspired by traditional Thai Culture , whitework with gold Tinta ink, beautiful delicate lace.

I have found the books have good, clear instructions, guiding you step by step. They are all exceptional designs and even though they have been around a while there are always new people discovering parchment craft. I hope you like them too.