Parchment Craft Books to buy for Christmas

If you want to buy a Christmas present for a parchment craft enthusiast but don’t know what to choose, here are some ideas,  if you are looking for beginners books, scroll down :

Christmas Treasures by Linda Williams 

A fabulous book,  it is a treat just to look through the pages. There are 25 patterns for Christmas cards, the designs are a varied mix of traditional and modern themes for Christmas. There is something for everyone, some of the designs are whitework, some are coloured. The themes used are Winter scenes, Gifts, Christmas Tree, Angels, Reindeer and loads more. There are lots of additional elements on the cards like gift tags, bows, beads and ribbon making the cards individual and the patterns very flexible.  This book would make an excellent present or for you to make cards and festive decorations that will be treasured.


Royal Lace by Julie Roces

A  book of 26 fabulous whitework designs. The lacework patterns of fans, wall decorations and cards are all very detailed and  replicate the most beautiful lace. The designs are embellished richly with pearl beads and ribbons. This book would make a great Christmas present for a parchment craft enthusiast.


The Art of Painting by Gerti Hofman

Step by step instructions for painting with Pergamano Pintura paint, Pinta Perla, Tinta ink, felt pens and coloured pencils. This is a large book (80 pages) with instructions for 21 beautiful card designs. Although the main focus of the book is painting there are some essential instructions for lace making but if you need to know more about lace making technique other books have more detail. Each pattern focuses on a different painting technique: Dresden flowers techniques, Perga Liners dry and wet techniques, Brazilian technique and ‘Tip, Tip, Tip’ are some of them; so if you want to practise a particular technique it is easy to choose a pattern that will challenge you. As well as being a useful addition to a Parchment Craft collection this is an essential guide and reference for painting there are many useful tips and information on how to correct problems in painting.


Snowflake by Miki Green

A beautiful collection of parchment craft patterns themed on snowflakes. There are 38 projects, a huge variety of patterns with clear instructions, tools required and excellent patterns to trace. Miki states that she thinks that beginners can do these patterns with a bit of patience,  I think also you would need to have a little experience with cutting picot edges, tracing, stippling and using 1 and 2 needle perforating tools. The designs are all lovely, they can be used as large or small snowflakes by reducing or enlarging the patterns, and they are so flexible – they could be used for Festive decorations and as cards or embellishments / toppers for cards, and also fabulous wall decorations.


Books for Beginners

The Handbook of Parchment Craft Basics by Tina Cox and Linda Williams

There are  19 projects (all cards) for you to work on, they all have a really fresh, bright look and step by step instructions on how to complete them. The techniques of tracing, embossing, perforating and cutting are covered in depth making this an ideal book for a beginner. There is also sections on using Multi-Grids and Stamping on parchment, so if you are an experienced parchment crafter but have never used stamps and don’t know where to start, this book will prove a useful reference. As well as stamping techniques there are sections on how to colour the image with Perga Colours, Perga Liners, Dorso Crayons. There is also a useful page showing all the Multi-Grids available (23 grids at the time the book was printed) and also the clear stamps. A beautiful present to buy someone who wants to start parchment craft or who just loves crafting.

Best of the Best Parchment Craft, A Classic Collection Volume 1 by Kannikar Sukseree

This is a unique collection of 32 projects for you to make. 13 designers from around the world have got together to produce this beautiful book offering a range of styles and influences in every project.  This is a book for a beginner as well as an experienced parchment crafter. There is a chapter dedicated to the techniques of tracing, embossing, grid work, painting and colouring, also finishing touches. However there are plenty of challenging projects for experienced parchment crafters. Six of the projects have fully illustrated, step by step instructions and the additional 26 projects also have excellent instructions and illustrations. The projects include cards, a clock, shelf decorations and wall hanging. 92 pages.

Happy Christmas!