Making an Envelope for your hand-made cards

This is a  step by step guide to making your own envelopes  – exactly the right size for your hand made card.





Pencil and ruler

The card you want to make an envelope for

12″ x 12″ Paper

Strong Stick glue

Double sided tape

Corner Rounder punch

Paper Trimmer



1. Measure the diagonal of the card you want to make an envelope for (I’m using metric)


2. Add 2.5cm (1″) to the diagonal measurement, my card measures 20cm.

Therefore my envelope paper square will need to be 22.5cm x 22.5cm.


3. Cut a square of envelope paper, 22.5cm x 22.5cm using the paper cutter.


4. Centre the card on the square of paper like a rectangle over a diamond, it is worth making sure that the card is absolutely in the centre at this point; because the points of the paper need to be equal size and even when folded in.

5. Make a pencil line 0.5cm larger than the card,  the pencil lines should cross over at the corners.
6. Cut out the upper triangles where the pencil lines cross.

7. Score the pencil lines using a scoreboard and bone folder.


8. Round the envelope flap with a corner rounder punch. Glue the envelope together with strong stick glue. Use double sided tape on the flap or Lick and Stick Glue.

DSCF5258 DSCF5260

I have embossed a design on the flap.

Practise making the envelope first if you are not sure, the more you make them, the better they will become.

Other ways of making envelopes using specially designed boards:

Crafters Companion Enveloper

Memory Keepers Punch Board

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