Simple Treasures by Linda Williams


If you are new to parchment craft Simple Treasures is a brilliant book to start you off. It is a bright, vibrant book, very inspiring to look at. As with all Linda’s books, they are so beautiful I just want to sit down and drink them in. She has paid great attention to detail of both design and instructions, making parchment craft a very accessible craft to everyone. There are tips for each project and information at the beginning on how to use parchment craft products such as Sticky Ink.


Linda says in the foreward that it is aimed to appeal to both beginners and seasoned parchment crafters. All the projects are graded in levels of easiness, (this is explained at the beginning of the book), I think if you were a beginner and started with the easiest projects and worked your way through to the  more challenging projects you will learn a lot about parchment craft along the way and have a lot of fun doing so.


There are 19 projects for you to try, this book is great value.