Parchment Craft Technique Explained – Stippling

artnouveau rose


Stippling is an embossed, textured finish. The rose frame is stippled in the above card. It produces soft, delicate look which is just right for this frame.

Stippling is a really interesting effect, easy to do but takes a bit of time to achieve, the idea is to tap the single needle tool on to parchment to create an embossed effect, a tiny white dot – not piercing the parchment. Keep a single needle bold in your tool collection specifically for stippling.



Before you start, the pattern should be traced in white pencil.

1. Outline area to be stippled with a stylus or micro ball with an embossing mat under the parchment.

2. Change the embossing mat for a piece of dark card and on the back of the parchment start tapping the single needle tool in the area to be stippled. The tool is held in a vertical position to get a good result.

3. The stippled dots should be very close together to produce a texture, take your time.

4. Start in a corner and stipple around the outside then fill in, try to keep the texture even. Turn over and check the front.

5. Finish by colouring the back of the stippled area with a white pencil. This will improve the appearance of the area.


Other variations to try:

Lightly emboss the parchment before you stipple with an extra large ball tool.

Using fine sandpaper between the card and the parchment to help create an even texture.

Try stippling with other tools, such as the Arrow tool or Scriber

Very quick stippling effect can be gained by using a Star / Sun tool overlapping the impressions so that the dots merge.