Parchment Craft Questions and Answers

I would like to thank all the Parchers who have asked me questions, I have brought together three questions and answers here – I hope these will be helpful to other beginners at parchment craft.


Q:  I have seen the Pergamano Bold straight grid but is there a  Pergamano Bold diagonal multi grid?

A:  There are four Pergamano regular grids:

  •  No 04 which is an A5 size straight grid Fine
  •  No 28 which is an A4 size straight Bold
  •  No 19 which is an A5 size diagonal Bold (The holes are offset at 60 degrees)
  • No 24 which is an A5 size diagonal Fine (The holes are offset at 60 degrees)




Q: What’s the difference between Pergamano Extra Small Ball 10071 and 10072 1mm tools – they look the same and sound the same – not sure which to buy ?

A: The Pergamano Extra Small Ball comes in the ordinary version (10071) and a Stainless Steel version (10072). The Stainless Steel Extra Small Ball is specially designed to work with the Multi Grids, the metal is harder and less likely to be damaged on the grid.  The Pergamano Fine Stylus also comes in two versions 10031 and a Stainless Steel Fine Stylus which is also specially designed to be used with the Multi Grids.





Q: Is there a tool that will cut and perforate as I do not get along with scissors?

A: PCA have got several tools that cut as well as perforate. These can be identified easily. All the tools that have the word ‘EDGE’ in the title are also cutting tools, for example:  Stamp Edge, Fine Arc Edge and Fine Small Scallop Edge (there are plenty more!).


Pergamano also have a tool which cuts and perforates, it is called the 2 Split and is the equivalent of the PCA Mini Stamp Edge tool.

All the cutting/perforating tools are very useful for a quick finish and also if you don’t get on with scissors or cutters. The result is not quite so neat as using the scissors but it is fast.

11 thoughts on “Parchment Craft Questions and Answers

  1. how can i keep the parchment paper from curling so much when parching, and how do avoid so much cracking as i parch and perforate ?

    • Hello
      Parchment paper is very absorbent, and if you have hot hands this will make it curl. Use a parchment protector or a piece of folded kitchen roll between your hand and the paper. Also when you leave the parchment overnight, or to rest, I think it helps to place the parchment under a book – so it rests in a flat situation. If the parchment is cracking you are probably doing too much too quickly. To prevent the parchment from fracturing – when you perforate and emboss in the same area – the technique is to mark the perforations by ‘shallow perforating’, then emboss, then re- perforate deeper using the marker holes of the shallow perforations. Also check the type of parchment you are using is it 140g, 150g or 160g? It may work for you with a different weight paper.

  2. hello again, I am also inquiring on how to find certain tools in the us i am in pa and i cannot seem to find the diamond tool and the grids . It is to pricey overseas . i also wonder why sometimes when i want to whiten my project more its seems to not be able to or thats when it fractures maybe i am still going too fast or maybe the embossing pad isn’t suitable i purchased it in the uk.
    I thank you very much .sister oreo

  3. Thank you. I’m pretty blog-illiterate… Does that mean I’m waiting for you an entry on the home page…

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