PCA Templates for Parchment Craft – Part 3

PCA EasyEdge guide Templates  

What are PCA Easy Edge Templates and how can they help a parchment crafter?

When you have finished the central part of the card but still have the edging to create, PCA templates can really help. Or if you want to embellish an existing project with a straight line of embossed dots or suns, or if you want to edge a card with a straight row of holes, scallops or sun tool impressions or a combination of these – there are PCA EasyEdge guide templates to help. These ruler guides usually come in two lengths 130mm and 260mm.

The PCA Easy Edge guide is notched with equally spaced gaps that are sized for the different PCA tools available.  The template is marked with the tool name it is designed for.


The template above can be used with the Medium Ball and the Mega Ball tools.

Sun tools give a really pretty embossed “sun” shape, you may want to create a row on suns in which case you would need a PCA Easy Edge for Sun Tools


There are similar straight ruler guides for scallop edges and single needle holes or perforations.

There really are a lot of different guides to help you with card making. Here is a template to help you create a series of decorative perforations in an arc or semi-circle. The templates are made of transparent plastic so you can see exactly where to place them on your work.



Making an Aperture Card

If you want to make an aperture card with a scalloped edge there are templates with differents size apertures for both small and large fine scallop tools.

image-2 image-1

Choose the size and shape you want for the aperture, that is – oval or rectangle? and small, medium or large size of aperture?


So above you have a small size oval (40 x 60), the Edging Tool required is marked on the template as a Small Scallop and next to it, a small Rectangle also using the small Scallop edging tool.  PCA has created a youtube instructional video to help you get started.

The reverse template to the aperture is the oval templates with scalloped edgings – they are great for cameos, silhouettes or 3D elements to add to your cards. You can probably think of more uses.


There are many Easy Edge Guide Templates, I have only mentioned a few – here is one more rather useful template.

Wedding Stationery Place Setting

It is a pretty template for place settings with a scalloped edge, you can use your imagination to decorate these using parchment craft techniques.


This template uses the Large Fine Scallop tool for decorating the edges. There is an embossed area to place a name. There are more details on how to complete this project on a PCA You Tube video.

In Part 4 parts we will be looking at the new EasyCut Templates.

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