Book Review – Parchment Perforating Guide by Tina Cox

The Parchment Perforating Guide is a Clarity book, Artwork by Tina Cox – it focuses on Gridwork using the Groovi Straight Border plate number 1, but has a huge amount of help and advice for beginners to parchment craft in a very clear, step by step approach.

The Groovi Straight Border Plate 1 has 5 basic gridwork patterns ready to use.



In this book there are 15 ‘easy to make’ card designs  ending with a final big project bringing all the skills you have learned at the end. The instructions are easy to follow and give you a list of the equipment you will need for each project.

A very handy spiral bound small book 6” x 6” . I like that it sits flat on your craft table and the size means that it won’t take up much space.

In summary this is a  great little book for beginners, a useful size, step by step clear instructions and photographs and loads of beautiful projects to work through making this a fantastic buy for anyone wanting to learn how to create decorative edgings for their Groovi projects.