PCA Templates for Parchment Craft – Part 4

PCA Easy Cut Templates 

PCA EasyCut templates are made for parchment crafters. They are a brand new set of frames that you can use with your own designs or other embossing templates. Also, there are EasyCut project templates like Pot Pourri Box, Butterfly, Star and Pillow Boxes that you can make up quickly and easily without having to spend hours cutting out.

There are many frames you can use – here is an example of the curvy label frame, there are 6 sizes of Curvy Label Frame on the Easy Cut Template:

Easy to use you just emboss along the tracks with the recommended ball tool, then use a Scriber or Craft Knife along the tracks to cut the parchment paper.

There are also EasyCut Card templates:

Here is an example of the finished card – embossed and decorated:


The projects are really pretty – here are the Pot Pourri Box and Star




First step below shows the parchment paper embossed using the template (simply follow the tracks with a ball tool )


When you have embossed the two templates cut out the box and lid. To do this just follow the tracks using a scriber tool or craft knife following the instructions on the template.

The finished box


The Star

Also available are templates for pillow boxes, butterflies and here is a new design due in a few days:

You can make this stunning lacy frame and flower posy from Templates TP3424E and TP7151EC -available soon  from middle of June –

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