PCA Templates for Parchment Craft – Part 5

PCA Parchment Protectors

Parchment Craft paper will absorb any oils from your hands while you are working and you end up with a greasy mark which is difficult to remove. PCA have designed four different shapes of Parchment Protectors that you can place between the parchment and your hand whilst perforating or colouring. Besides keeping your parchment clean the grids  are useful to keep lines straight if you are embossing or perforating a row of dots or holes. The various shapes of holes will enable you to work in any awkward spaces.


PCA Templates for Words and Sentiments

PCA make templates for words and sentiments so that you can emboss the sentiment inside the card or on the outside.

Simple sentiments like Happy Anniversary, Thinking of You, Season’s Greetings, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thank you and With Love all in seven different fonts with added little motifs to use as a finishing touch.  These can all give your card a really nice finish.

PCA also produce templates in various fonts in Bold and Fine with the whole alphabet in upper and lower case including numbers.

The best seller for word templates is the PCA General Occasions Words Cursive

This is the final part of the PCA Template series, please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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