Mechanical Pencils- How to Install White Leads

Refilling a Mechanical Pencil

Here is a question that is asked all the time. How to put the white lead refills into a mechanical pencil?

If the mechanical / automatic pencil is new it will be installed with two or more graphite leads. These will need to be ejected before the white leads are installed.  Just pump the end cap with your thumb to push out the installed graphite lead. There may also be leads stored in the barrel – follow the instructions to remove the end cap:

To refill the mechanical or  automatic pencil

Firstly take off the silver cap to reveal the eraser – also pull out the eraser carefully

If there are any graphite leads in the barrel they can be removed and replaced with a white lead. Replace the eraser and cap then pump the end cap a few times to reveal the new white lead.

Tips for using a mechanical pencil

  • White leads are very fragile, only push out the lead a bit at a time
  • Always use lightly they are not as strong as graphite leads
  • Try to use the pencil as upright as possible to prevent breaking leads
  • If the lead just recedes as soon as you try to use it it is probably just not long enough for the pencil to grip effectively – so you would need to replace the lead

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