Free Parchment Craft Pattern ‘Star and Kites’


Here is free pattern number six: Star and Kites. If you download any of my patterns please feel free to change any parts you wish or make improvements, if you are pleased with the results send them to me and I will put them the gallery on the parchment craft shop website. Contact me.

A Review of Magic Lacework by Miki Green


This is Miki Green’s third book, Magic Lacework. There are 24 gorgeous lacework designs including, wall decorations, cards, bookmarks and photo frames. Many of the projects use coloured parchment and she uses plenty of 3d elements. The instructions and photography are excellent, if you like creating lacework this is a fantastic book for you. The patterns are delicate and look like real lace. Miki suggests that you can change the sizes of the patterns to A3 size to make large wall hangings if you prefer. 60 pages.

Finishing a Parchment Craft Card


If you have made a parchment craft card and want to fix the parchment to the card – one of the ways you can do this is by using needle and thread and sewing the two together along the spine.


First of all, lay the card open and mark the centre with a pencil then mark two points equally spaced from the centre where you wish to sew the card. Then using a sharp thickish needle make a hole through both the card and the parchment on each of the three marks. I use a tapestry needle and thick cotton thread – starting on the inside of the card push the needle and thread through the centre hole (leaving a longish piece of thread) and then down through the upper hole, next up again through the centre hole and down through the lower hole. On the inside of the card pass the needle through the loop, pull it tight and tie a knot with the thread you left at the beginning. The knot can be completely covered by fixing an insert to the inside of the card with double sided tape.

Two Day Parchment Craft Workshop

I have just finished this cat/ kitten drawn using polychromos pencils on parchment it is one of two drawings I did at a two day Masterclass. These workshops are really useful, you learn a lot and it’s fun to meet with others who have the same hobby. Excellent instruction from Christine Coleman and Alison Yeates who run the Parchment Craft workshops. I learned a huge amount about coloured pencil techniques and had a great time. Thank you to everyone.