Parchment Craft DVD – Finishing Touches by Christine Coleman

Finishing Touches is volume 5 in the series of DVDs from Christine Coleman. There are loads of tips for getting good results. A lot of different techniques are covered: tracing with a white pencil, advanced embossing, monochrome painting, burnishing with polychromos pencils, making an oversized envelope from A4 and making a picture frame, also how to emboss a rose with shaders and lots more. The embossing projects that you make can be paired with the frame to make beautiful pictures. Approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes long.

Grid and Lace Work

When I first started perforating parchment I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t understand where to put the parchment! under or over the grid and where did the mat go? It was a while before I found that a good instruction DVD, a great ‘daylight’ craft light and a magnifying glass made everything a lot easier!

Christine Coleman’s Grid and Lace Work DVD is a great starter guide to using PCA Flexi-Duo Grids and PCA tools to create beautiful patterns with both perforating and embossing. Christine shows you how to cut crosses and oct shapes and line up your parchment when perforating and embossing, while working throught several projects starting with bookmarks and then moving on to more complex projects.

She shows you how and where to start a project, how to correct mistakes and also encourages you to use your own ideas to create individual projects. Excellent DVD!

Parchment Craft DVD Review – The Art of Embossing 1

Kannikar Sukseree's Art of Embossing DVD is the companion to the book of the same name. However if you already have the book it is still well worth getting the DVD as the designs are all new. It is an essential buy for anyone who wants to improve their embossing technique, giving a comprehensive introduction to embossing and the materials and equipment required.

Kanni covers solid and shadow embossing through five different designs. She shows in detail how to use the different tools, especially the hockey stick, which I have always found more challenging than the ball tools.

If you want more instruction on how to emboss leaves and petals using different methods and different tools, when and where to emboss outlines, how to emboss to get a realistic impression of light and shade on your project, this is the DVD for you.

The DVD is split into four areas: the introduction, tools and materials, lessons and the cards are on the final section. The detailed instructions are for four cards and there is a fabulous fifth A4 size design which brings all the techniques together to do at the end.

This is my attempt at design one which demonstrates solid embossing, I am currently working on the next card which is shadow embossing.

DVD Review, Parchment Craft, Back to Basics by Pauline Loweth

This DVD is a very thorough introduction to parchment craft. Pauline Loweth guides you through the basic techniques of embossing, perforating, cutting, colouring parchment, using edging tools and finishing cards by working through several small projects. She gives plenty of hints and tips and good advice on how to fix mistakes.

There is also a comprehensive guide to PCA tools and how to use them. The instruction for using shader tools and stamp edge tools I found particularly useful. This DVD gives the best demonstration on how to cut crosses that I have seen, it is very clear and there is advice for left handed crafters as well.

This is an excellent DVD to get if you are just starting this addictive hobby.

Pergamano – The True Passion! DVD Review

An introduction from Martha Ospina, who introduced Parchmentcraft to Europe.
The DVD is purely instructional, unlike other DVDs I have bought, this one does not have a pattern to work from. You watch the demonstrations of all the techniques and then apply these to your own work.

If you are a total beginner this will be a very useful purchase if you are unsure how to start, it covers all the the basics for example how to :-

Trace using a mapping pen
Embossing techniques and effects
Perforating, using the mesh type grid
Cutting, how to hold the scissors and cut crosses
Dabbing using templates and without
Painting using paints, crayons, ink and pens

It also introduces the International Parchment Craft Academy and informs about the Pergamano company.

A thorough introduction to parchmentcraft giving instruction, demonstration and tips, and a history of Pergamano, but don’t expect any patterns to work on.

Christine Coleman DVD – Parchment Craft Vol 4 – Working with Pencils

I love this instructional dvd by Christine!  If you like using coloured pencils you will enjoy the projects on this dvd. Demonstrations for using polychromos pencils and water colour pencils and plenty of advice like the importance of keeping the pencils sharp.

The projects include flowers, a face, a bird and a lovely final project fuchsia which has a lovely grid work frame and is large enough to use as a picture. The demonstrations are very clear the close up camera work is so helpful when you are not quite sure of what you are doing! And of course you can spin it back and try again.


Painting Techniques DVD Review

Painting techniques DVD
By Christine Coleman

This is volume 2 in Christine’s series of parchmentcraft dvd’s and a great starter for beginners. Christine explains and demonstrates seven painting techniques within seven different projects. As a real beginner to painting I was pleased with the small details like how much water to put on the brush and how to load the brush with paint, also how to position the brush.
Tinta inks are used, also pintura acrylics and perla paint.
There is a lot of work to practise on this DVD almost 2 hours of tuition!

Christine Coleman’s DVD An Introduction to Parchmentcraft

This is a great introduction to get you started! Even for someone with some experience it is a good revision. I think it is very good value as you are getting four designs for cards as well as step by step instruction on how to complete them, including how to sew the inserts and make the envelope.

Christine starts with very basic techniques such as how to attach the parchment to the pattern and how to trace with a mapping pen. She covers basic embossing with ball tools and colouring the parchment with oil pastels.

In later cards she builds on what you have learned and adds new techniqes such as embossing letters and stippling, edging with a scallop tool and colouring with pencils.

The last card is quite complex and introduces a small amount of perforation and shows how to cut with snips and parchment scissors. Embossing is extended in this card, she shows how to use a shader to emboss flowers and leaves to show light and shade. £14.95