Book Review – Parchment Perforating Guide by Tina Cox

The Parchment Perforating Guide is a Clarity book, Artwork by Tina Cox – it focuses on Gridwork using the Groovi Straight Border plate number 1, but has a huge amount of help and advice for beginners to parchment craft in a very clear, step by step approach.

The Groovi Straight Border Plate 1 has 5 basic gridwork patterns ready to use.



In this book there are 15 ‘easy to make’ card designs  ending with a final big project bringing all the skills you have learned at the end. The instructions are easy to follow and give you a list of the equipment you will need for each project.

A very handy spiral bound small book 6” x 6” . I like that it sits flat on your craft table and the size means that it won’t take up much space.

In summary this is a  great little book for beginners, a useful size, step by step clear instructions and photographs and loads of beautiful projects to work through making this a fantastic buy for anyone wanting to learn how to create decorative edgings for their Groovi projects.



Freehand Embossing in Parchment Craft by Amanda Yeh

Freehand Embossing in Parchment Craft


Here is a closer look at the beautiful new book from Amanda Yeh called Freehand Embossing. There are ‘step by step’ fully illustrated guides to the projects and very detailed illustrated guidance to embossing.


The book starts from basics “how to emboss a single line” and then works through a further 12 lessons to improve your embossing. These skills can then be used when constructing the beautiful 3D projects patterns in the back of the book.



There are beautiful boxes, pretty cards, exquisite bookmarks and a dress and jacket model plus mini bags.


Amanda Yeh is an incredibly talented designer and this beautiful book is a great addition to her series of books on 3D parchment craft.

NEW Parchment Craft book for 2016 – Wonderful Lace by Miki Green

Wonderful Lace by Miki Green


Wonderful lace is a fabulous book from Miki Green packed full of brand new designs for cards, ornamental mats or doily and a beautiful fan.  I will add a few photographs of the projects to give you and idea of the gorgeous projects Miki has designed for us to make.


There are 22 projects and they are all illustrated with clear instructions, Miki encourages everyone to have a go at her patterns from beginners to the more experienced. This is definitely a book for parchment crafters who like grid-work but there are also plenty of designs that require embossing.


Delightful Gifts in Parchment Craft by Amanda Yeh



Amanda Yeh is well know for her 3D parchment craft projects. Her latest book is a lovely collection of gift projects for you to make in parchment. The most important part of Amanda’s books is that she gives you plenty of ‘step by step’ photographs, so if you are a bit worried about taking on a challenging 3D project you will be getting lots of visual help from the masses of photos in the book.



The instructions are clear, starting right from exactly what you will need to start the project. The photos above show the components for the beautiful baby blue lace up shoes. The photo below shows part of the construction of a delicate tiny lace umbrella or parasol.


Altogether there are 6 shoe designs, 5 umbrella designs and 1 dress design, all with full colour ‘step by step’ photo illustrations. I especially like the little baby girl shoes in pink – they are absolutely gorgeous and I am definitely going to have a go making these. There are 64 pages including all the patterns.


Simple Treasures by Linda Williams


If you are new to parchment craft Simple Treasures is a brilliant book to start you off. It is a bright, vibrant book, very inspiring to look at. As with all Linda’s books, they are so beautiful I just want to sit down and drink them in. She has paid great attention to detail of both design and instructions, making parchment craft a very accessible craft to everyone. There are tips for each project and information at the beginning on how to use parchment craft products such as Sticky Ink.


Linda says in the foreward that it is aimed to appeal to both beginners and seasoned parchment crafters. All the projects are graded in levels of easiness, (this is explained at the beginning of the book), I think if you were a beginner and started with the easiest projects and worked your way through to the  more challenging projects you will learn a lot about parchment craft along the way and have a lot of fun doing so.


There are 19 projects for you to try, this book is great value.

Kannikar Sukseree’s new book ‘Borders and Decorations’


This is the third book in Kannikar’s series ‘A Classic Collection’. It is an extremely useful book packed with 200 designs for borders, decorations, motifs and embellishments. Kannikar and her team of creators and designers have created a fantastic collection for parchment crafters to dip into and use for cards and many other projects.


The third book has been written with the information gained from feedback on books 1 and 2, they have designed these patterns to be made with the minimum of tools. You will only need embossing tools and a few perforating tools as there is very little gridwork involved.


The patterns in this book are for all abilities both beginners and experienced parchers will find something to suit them. There is a section at the front describing the tools and equipment you will need, and then there are three pages of quick guides to tracing, embossing, cutting, working on a grid etc.


There are quite a few pages of ideas for completed projects but it is very much a book of borders and decorative edges and embellishments, so you choose your own centres whether a photo, drawing or parchment craft work.  All the patterns have to be enlarged by 140% on a photocopier to obtain their true size, but you can alter this to suit your requirements.  Altogether this is a fabulous book that has endless opportunities to make your own parchment craft projects really special and unique. 116 pages.

A New Parchment Craft Book ‘Lace Desk’ by Miki Green

miki book-coverMIKI NEW


This is a fabulous book, as usual Miki has packed it with a huge number of projects. There are projects for cards, fans, wall hangings, pictures and the patterns are all very well laid out and easy to understand.



Some of the larger designs look quite complicated but there are plenty of easier projects, these two are lovely. This is definitely a book for all those who love whitework.

miki3miki project 2

There are 34 projects,64 pages in the book.