Parchment Craft Questions and Answers 2

Here is a the second in a series of commonly asked questions about parchment craft. If you missed the first one here is a link.

I am an absolute beginner – should I start with Bold tools and Grid and progress onto the Fine?

Yes, in general start with bold and progress to fine – this is  because the holes are larger on the bold grids and therefore easier to work with. You can easily practise the perforating and cutting of crosses using bold tools. However, I would also suggest that you start with a pattern that you like, whether it is from a book, magazine or a pattern pack, and get the tools and equipment you need for that pattern. That way you won’t need to spend a huge amount to equip yourself with tools you might not use.

Parchment Craft is a very wide ranging hobby and you can find plenty of patterns with no gridwork at all just embossing  and/or colouring. Beginners equipment recommendations.


Why not start with Tina Cox’s Didi Cards pattern pack?


There are some grids with assorted patterns already on them do you use a Fine or Bold tools with these, or are you supposed to use a fine embossing tool?


The Multi Grids made by Pergamano  have patterns, motifs, borders, backgrounds, words etc on them. These grids are very useful and can be used for both perforating and embossing. They are all designed to work directly with perforating  1 Needle tool 10241 and you can also emboss  using the Extra Small Ball or the Fine Stylus (stainless steel).  Remember the general rule, Emboss on the back of the parchment and Perforate on the front.

Should I use an edging tool to cut the edges  or do you use a semi circle and then snip with scissors?

The Pergamano perforating tool called a  ‘2 Split’ is an edging tool that cuts as it perforates. Just perforate the edge with a 2split then it should separate along the perforations- an easy and quick edging.  PCA have a range of edging tools, any PCA tool with ‘Edge’ in the name will perforate and cut (stamp edge, medium scallop edge etc). But it is true that you will get a neater finish if you use  an ordinary tool along the edge like a semi circle or a semi square or 2 Needle and cut with parchment scissors or snips.

Pergamano 2 Needle                         Pergamano 2 Split