PCA Templates for Parchment Craft Part 2

PCA Templates – Pictures and Motifs

Here is part 2 of the guide to PCA Template which is going to concentrate on picture and motif templates.

PCA have  a large range of picture templates:  butterflies, flowers, birds, a whole series of owl templates, fans, 3D projects, sport, hobbies and  celebrations like Christmas and Easter and loads more.

The templates can be embossed and used as greetings cards or on other projects such as gift bags, crackers, place settings, wedding stationery, house decor  or  as 3D elements on boxes or just as decorative additions absolutely anywhere. Here is a quick reminder on how to use the templates:

  • Take the template of your choice, place it with the tracks facing up.
  • Attach the parchment to the template with low tack tape or blu tack.
  • Wipe over the parchment with a tumble drier sheet or natural polish, this helps the embossing tools to glide over the parchment with ease.
  • Place some tissue (or use a parchment protector) under your hands as protection from finger prints on your parchment.
  • Using a micro ball tool or small ball depending on the template, start working from the centre towards the outside edge. Place the ball tool in the tracks and just follow the tracks this then forms the embossed line.


Big and small butterflies!

PCA Christmas Templates

There is a huge range of Christmas PCA Templates available featuring Trees, Baubles, Sleighs, Santa, Reindeer, Holly borders, drinks Coasters and much more.

image-12 image-1


Above are three of the many Christmas themed PCA templates. They all have individual matching borders and motifs that can be added to your designs in the way that you want.

PCA Peacock Templates

Fabulous designs for peacocks which look beautiful as embossed line art and you can also add colour using inks or pencils, paint or pens.




Embossed work by kind permission of Sharon Mills (Parchment Craft Designer and Tutor)


Here are some examples of adding colour to an embossed image. Colour can be added to the back or the front of parchment craft paper. This can be by Dorso or Oil pastel crayons, Pencil crayons such as Faber Castell polychromos, inks, acrylic or water colour paints.


image-14 wp

Colour can also be achieved by placing a coloured backing paper or parchment behind the embossed picture.

Mix and Match

Mix and match the border templates with the picture templates.


tp3149e_easy_emboss_simply_flowers_4__61270_zoom tp3149e-easy-emboss-simply-__98154_zoom

This card uses the Daffodis in the PCA Template “Simply Flowers 4” surrounded by a border PCA Template  Diamond Border 2 and looks absolutely gorgeous.  Use Ball Tools or Shaders to add light and shade to the images.

Part 3 of this series will concentrate on the Template Guides and Easy Edging Border guides.

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